Introduction to the Owners

Both James and Nick are military veterans, volunterring shortly after 9/11. While James entered the Army National Guard, and Nick joined the Air Force, they both ended up deploying overseas to different locations on occasion. Nick lived in Japan for a number of years on Okinawa, as well.

After returning home, they found the VA medical care process to be a difficult and frustrating system to navigate. It was a very long road to receiving care, and like many other military veterans, they suffered needlessly for years. An idea began to form after a time, with the goal of being able to help others and themselves in a single shot. After using CBD for a few different things, they began to look more into how it could help others and found a growing interest in the products on the market. When the opportunity presented itself, they began planning the long journey of attempting to open their own small business. It was a year before they were feeling ready enough to jump in to the exciting prospect of finally pulling the trigger on it. The industry looked right, a location came to their attention, and they took the leap.

James has worked setting up events and shows for many years, and continues to do so still. He enjoys the outdoors, with activities like kayaking and exploring the vast areas of public land available in the area. He settled in Mayville in 2009, after short stints in surrounding towns, finding the relaxed and laid back atmosphere of the town welcoming. James has a son named Julian. They enjoy playing video games, tabletop games, and airsoft with Julian’s brother Elias. Elias works a few doors down at Cardinal Lanes, stop in and see him sometime!

Nick followed James to Mayville and has lived in town for many years now. He is an avid hunter and fisherman, spending all of his available time in the woods and on the water. Also, he plays airsoft with James and the gang, along with a few others from time to time. His favorite authors are David Eddings and Brent Weeks, and enjoys fantasy and sci-fi books. Nick loves superheroes, especially the Marvel characters. He’s been the frontman in a punk-rock band, dabbled in MMA, and would rather be in the woods hunting with Jenni right now…

Jenni is not an owner, but a vital member of the Quicksilver team, and an irreplaceable piece of the puzzle. She has a BBA in Finance, a BSN, and is a Registered Nurse. She is also a member of the American Cannabis Nursing Association and is working toward becoming a holistic nurse as well. Her two daughters Ciara and Ashley keep her pretty busy with their activities, but she still manages to find the time to help Quicksilver Collective keep up with the latest news and information regarding cannabis and the benefits that are uncovered constantly. You might run into her at the shop; she is a deep well of knowledge, so if you have any questions make sure to ask!

Nick and Jenni are dating and live together with her daughters next door to James and Julian. They all like to barbecue and hang out together, enjoying a lot of the hunting harvests gathered over the year, and talk about how to progress and take the business into the future. This close proximity makes everything easier, both personally and professionally. Information is quickly passed between the group, and allows making decisions and gathering ideas efficient for everyone.

Quicksilver is mercurial- like the CBD industry itself. With this in mind, James and Nick set up their space to reflect these constant changes. Without wrapping themselves up in a single area, they are free to explore a variety of CBD products and reach out into many different markets for unique and innovative new products. But they are loyal Wisconites, and proudly stock more grown and manufactured in this state than from anywhere else. Quicksilver prides itself on the ability to help navigate the vast world of CBD and recommend the right products for an individual. They promise transparency, quality products, and the personal attention of their customers to provide the best possible results. Stop in to see James, Nick, and Jenni and ask us about CBD and how it can help you to live a fuller, healthier, and more productive life!