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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have heard others rave about CBD products but struggle to separate fact from fiction.
Here are some answers to some of the most common questions.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound extracted from cannabis plants, and the main compound found in the hemp plant. CBD is not psychoactive. This means it does not change your state of mind when you use it.

Why is it important to purchase from a trustworthy store?

Everyone sells CBD these days—even the corner gas station. Asking questions about quality and sourcing is a smart move. To ensure purity and consistency, Quiksilver only carries high-quality, hemp-derived products, all with Certificates of Authenticity. We consider every aspect of the company’s ingredient sourcing and quality control protocol before selling its products. We pick products that use the highest quality ingredients and stay within THC content thresholds.  

How much should I take?

It’s important to take CBD products as indicated on the product label. These products are intended for adults. A variety of products, from gummies to tinctures and topical products, are available depending on your personal preference.

What is THC?

THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, the main compound found in marijuana plants. THC is the compound that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties or makes a person feel “high.”

Do CBD products contain THC?

Federal law requires that there be less than 0.3% THC in CBD products. Cannabidiol products are tested by third parties to make sure they don’t contain too much THC.

What health benefits can CBD provide?

There are no guarantees, but some people have found relief for common ailments with CBD. We work with you to figure out why you want to take it. Is it for everyday wellness? For better sleep? For headaches or pain? Different products can help different concerns. Once we know your goals, we will work together to find the best product for your needs.

Let Quicksilver help you uncover the health benefits of CBD.

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