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Amanita + D9 + THCp Gummies (Kiwi) – Exhale Wellness


Experience powerful levels of bliss with our Kamikaze Kiwi Gummy Cubes!

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Our latest selection of Amanita gummies combines delicious and natural ingredients with 10mg muscimol, 15 mg D9-THC, and 1 mg THCp. Expect a heady blend of soaring elevation and mind-expansion that will last for hours.  Each cube is consistently infused to provide a precise and effective dose, and every batch of gummies is independently lab-tested to confirm their contents. A perfect option for those seeking to reach the mountaintop of euphoria, our gummies are a tasty and convenient way to explore the combined benefits of cannabinoids and Amanita. Dive into an invigorating cerebral experience and let your mind travel at warp speed!