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Max Delta-8 Gummies


Enjoy sweet, mellow, juicy (and High Times Hemp Cup-winning) blueberry flavor infused with 100mg Delta-8 per piece. Yes…100mg, because we don’t call them “MAX” for nothing.

Out of Stock

Our online store is coming soon! In the meantime, stop in and see us. We’d be happy to help you with your purchase.

Is there anything more delightful and refreshing than the sweet, mellow taste of freshly picked blueberries? No seriously. That wasn’t rhetorical. We’re asking.

But while you ponder, just know that all of our gummies, including these Blueberry Max Gummies, are infused, which prevents a “meh” grassy taste and delivers greater cannabinoid consistency for dividing into smaller pieces.

With 10 gummies per bag (1,000mg Delta-8 total), there’s plenty of revelry and delight to go around, whether you want to split them up with friends or build a stash.

And if 100mg per gummy seems like a bit too much, don’t fret. You can easily cut out a quarter that’s equal to just one of our standard Delta-8 Gummies.