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Snow Caps THCa Flower (Godfather OG) – Exhale Wellness [3.5g]


Godfather OG strain with a coating of pure THCa diamonds delivers a potent yet balanced effect that gives you the best of both worlds. Our Snow Caps THCa and CBD flower combo gives you an unmatched level of frost, taking you to the highest peak of mind-altering, cerebral effects hemp can offer!

Out of Stock

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This hard-hitting Indica is definitely a nighttime selection, front loaded with the invigorating cerebral effect of THC, and rounded out with the relaxing feel of CBD. This makes for a balance of physical and mental relaxation, setting the ideal tone for a good night’s rest. Overall, this makes Godfather OG an extremely relaxing strain with a sweetly, sedating effect that should satisfy even the most experienced hemp enthusiasts.